Digital Signage for Education

Digital signage for education is an innovative way to provide schools and other educational institutions with ever improving ways of communicating with pupils, staff and visitors.

Allowing information to be at viewers finger tips, with direct messaging and engaging content providing dynamic information for all with up to date and relevant content instantly.

Replacing static text and pictures with eye-catching display that can ncorporate moving images, video, TV, scrolling text and highlights messages to create an impact.

Universities, Colleges and schools throughout the UK are using our digital signage applications to give their education establishments a digital boost and improve communication.

Benefits of Educational Digital Signage

  • Display news, announcements and events

  • Instantly convey emergency messages

  • Social media Integration to engage in conversation

  • Improve learning & align students with world events

  • Develop a community with content

  • Wayfinding: help navigation for students & visitors

  • External content Integration

  • Adapt and change content anytime, from anywhere

Digital Signage For Education Examples

Digital Signage for Education

KSM Digital Signage solutions

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